Hackathon Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of the first-ever PixieBrix Hackathon!

We have four winners, one for each submission track. To learn about the tracks, check out

Track 1: Collaboration


Winner: Mohit Yadav

Co-Founder & Head of Operations, Assignment Nerd

🐦 AI Powered Tweets

Mohit’s extension integrates with OpenAI to generate Twitter replies based on the content of the original Tweet and the suggested response mood.

Check out Mohit’s video submission:

🚚 Mohit’s extension is an excellent example of using PixieBrix for Last Mile Delivery of AI and APIs where the sky is the limit! Congratulations Mohit!

Track 2: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Winner: Zeth Baker

Senior Sales Engineer, Automation Anywhere

🖨️ PayPal Printer Bot

Zeth’s extension integrates with Automation Anywhere to give PayPal merchants the ability to bulk print shipping labels and packing slips, which is a manual, tedious task.

Check out Zeth’s video submission:

🦾 Zeth’s extension is a strong example of integrating PixieBrix with Automation Anywhere for Embedded Automation, which makes RPA more seamless and creates a new avenue for citizen development. Nice work Zeth!

Track 3: Productivity


Winner: Janusz Stec

Agent ubezpieczeniowy

🪙 Insurance Price Lookup

Janusz’s extension automates the process of generating insurance quotes from a client database, reducing the time to quote from 2-3 minutes to < 30 seconds!

Check out Janusz’s video submission:

🤖 Janusz’s extension is an excellent example of using PixieBrix for web automation, which makes manual processes more efficient and effective, and enables users to focus on more strategic work. Way to go Janusz!

Track 4: Wild Card


Winner: Anubhav Gupta

RPA Developer, TaskUs

⌨️ Keyup Word Match

Anubhav’s extension notifies a user if they type certain keywords into a text field. This has many practical applications, from censoring words in chats to flagging unwanted search terms.

Check out Anubhav’s video submission:

📊 Anubhav’s extension pushes PixieBrix to new frontiers and shows a clear path to new and exciting use cases that leverage NLP and advanced analytics. Congratulations Anubhav!

👏 Honorable Mentions


Osada Vidath Chandrasekara


🗂️ Edge Collections for Chrome

Osada’s extension lets users organize research in Google Chrome similar to the capability offered by Collections in Microsoft Edge.

Check out Osada’s video submission:


Amit Wani

Software Development Engineer, Jio

✂️ GitHub Clipper to Notion

Amit’s extension extracts information about a GitHub repository and sends it to a Notion database.

Check out Amit’s video submission:


Micah Smith

Developer Evangelist, Automation Anywhere

🏡 Rental Property Eval

Micah integrated PixieBrix and Automation Anywhere to evaluate rental properties, automating the process of compiling data from multiple sources and calculating key investment metrics.

Check out Micah’s video submission:


Moss Stern

Lead Technical Writer, AlgoSec

🧑‍🎓 Translate Text

Moss volunteers to teach English to underprivileged children in Israel. Moss uses PixieBrix to translate words from Hebrew to English and display them on screen.

Check out Moss’s video submission: